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"Nearly nine-in-10 consumers (86%) say they’re likely
to purchase from purpose-driven companies". 
(2019 Porter Novelli/Cone Purpose Biometrics Study)


What Is GroopShare?

GroopShare is a new unique Daily Deals and Coupons program that connects your local independent business with community groups. Turn everyday shopping and services into shareable turnkey offers and fundraising opportunities, mutually benefiting local consumers, independent business owners, and community groups. 

The GroopShare platform provides a fun and exciting way for local consumers to discover
new and different shops, restuarants, products, services, and more. 
groopshare fundraising portal

"89% of executives say companies that lead with purpose have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace".
(Porter Novelli’s 2020 Executive Purpose Study)

How It Works

One of the best ways for business owners to connect with their local communities is by developing
a fundraising program. When your business give back in charitable contributions, it displays goodwill, and create incentives for local consumers to buy from you. More importantly, they will recommend and share your offers and coupons with their family, friends, and social networks, to support causes they care about, and strengthen their communities.

Groopshare will help you create an offer visitors can't refuse, with the option to attach your  fundraising program to support an organization or community group of your choice.

Consumers shop GroopShare for daily deals, coupons, and special offers, with the option to pick an organization or community group they want to support.

Everyone wins! Consumers get  deals, organizations get a % of the money collected,
and you get exposure and new business. It's just that simple!

"71% of Millennials said they would pay more for a product if they knew some of the proceeds went to charity".
(5WPR 2020 Consumer Culture Report)

GroopShare Benefits

GroopShare offers your business a sustainable way to engage customers, run profitable-effective promotions, and a great way to give back to the community in charitable contributions.

Free Advertising Guaranteed

Pay only for results! You have no upfront cost or out-of pocket expenses to promote your deal on GroopShare. We are paid a percentage of sales depending on the amount of the voucher.

Bring in New Business

Helping local organizations raise money is great word-of-mouth advertising to bring you new customers, and build local brand recognition and loyalty.

It's Fast!

You can literally get results within minutes. Authorize your offer, and we will go to work to get it in front of local consumers.

The Right Audience

Engage and support local community groups and organizations who are likely to become repeat customers, versus a list of consumers who knows very little about your business.

Total Control of Everything

You are the boss! You control everything from the deal type, requirements, discount amount, the minimum and maximum # of vouchers that can be redeemed and when. All we do is help you connect to customers, and keep them coming back.

"73% of respondents believe that a company can take actions that both increase profits and improve conditions in communities where it operates".
(Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer)

The Right Campaigns For Your Goals
We will work with you to create the right campaigns that can create a flow of new customers  for your business and encourage repeat visits. And there is "NO COST TO YOU" if we don't deliver results.

Advertise Deals FREE! 
Group Buying
Coupons + Promotions
Email + SMS Campaigns
GroopShare makes it easy for local consumers to find valuable deals on specific products and services they're looking for.
Harness the power of group buying, word-of-mouth advertising, social sharing and community support to drive sales.  
Trackable deals and promotions to effectively measure ROI, and identify campaigns that are profitable and makes good financial sense.
Stay connected with your subscribers. We can broadcast your offers and promotions with our add-on email, and text (SMS) services.
Powerful Features
Best Way to Gain New Customers While Helping Local Organizations

Daily Deals and Coupons      Grow your local business and drive customers to your front door with effective daily deals and coupons.


Help local organizations raise money while increasing your customer base and growing your business. It's a win-win-win for your business, the consumer, and community groups.

Text and Email Deals

We will help you grow your text marketing and email lists, and broadcast deals to your subscribers. It is all automated so there is no work on your end.

Social Deal App

Grow your deals subscriber list and provide consumer deals right through your business Facebook page.

We can set it all up for you.

Business Profiles

Consumers can search our website and find your business. Profiles can have descriptions, hours, locations, reviews, your photos, map, deals, and more!

Featured Business and Deals

Move your business to the top of the searches on our website. You will be the first few businesses consumers will see when they search for deals or businesses.

Deal Vouchers Pricing
Deal Vouchers Can Help You Create Sales for Your Business. If They Don't, You Pay Nothing!
Ridiculously affordable pricing.
Your customers pay
 Deal Voucher
You Pay

$1.00 per voucher sold

$2.50 per voucher sold

$5.00 per voucher sold

$7.50 per voucher sold

$8.00 per voucher sold
Payment processing fees additional (not included). Prices are subject to change.
100% No Risk Guarantee

GroopShare is not here to be an additional cost to anyone, rather an investment.

Compare that to traditional advertising such as newspapers, television, billboards, or radio where you pay upfront and HOPE it pays off.

We are confident that GroopShare, will provide exceeding value. We want to afford qualified clients the opportunity to work with us--RISK FREE! 

In short, we will earn our fees in increased sales or take a pay cut, even work for free until you get your money back in increased sales. GroopShare is a reveneu generating asset or we're fired. Period. A no brainer, right?

So click the button below, to see if your business is a good fit for GroopShare, and claim your spot!


Did You Know?
Nearly nine-in-10 consumers (86%) say they’re likely to purchase from purpose-driven companies. 
(2019 Porter Novelli/Cone Purpose Biometrics Study)

73% of respondents believe that a company can take actions that both increase profits and improve conditions in communities where it operates. (Edelman's 2020 Trust Barometer)

89% of executives say companies that lead with purpose have a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. (Porter Novelli’s 2020 Executive Purpose Study)
71% of Millennials said they would pay more for a product if they knew some of the proceeds went to charity. (5WPR 2020 Consumer Culture Report)
 Brands with a purpose set on improving our quality of life outperform the stock market by 120%.  (Interbrand's Best Global Brands 2017)

 46% of consumers have donated to a cause on a retailer’s website over the past 12 months. (Accelerist 2020 POS Survey)
Turnover dropped by 57% in employee groups most deeply connected to their companies’ giving and volunteering efforts. (2018 Benevity Engagement Study)

Nearly 3 in 10 employees who don’t give through their workplace giving program say they are not giving because the causes they care about aren’t offered as a choice (America’s Charities Snapshot 2017)